Terms and conditions

Terms of trade

By registering a case on Flygkompensation.se you accept automatically the following conditions:


1.1 When drawing up a case with Flygkompensation.se, you accept automatically the following terms and conditions of trade and agreements.


2.1 The website Flygkompensation.se is owned and operated by Trio Invest AB organization number 559149-9321.

2.2 Flight compensation claims on behalf of the customer at each airline to ensure the greatest possible compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

2.3 The company's address is Prästslättsvägen 18, 374 40 Karlshamn

2.4 All questions are sent to the e-mail address: support@flygkompensation.se


3.1 After an established case at Flygkompensation.se, we will request one compensation and any compensation with each airline. We therefore need complete and accurate information from you as a customer. If we do not have any information, we will to contact you by email or phone to complete the case. No one arrives supplementation, this may mean that the case can not be handled further and thus closed down

In connection with a claim for a delayed or canceled flight, we can also claim compensation for expenses for any extra expenses that you may have incurred due to the circumstances. Such expenses may be, for example, transport costs, food, hotels and clothing. It is In addition, it is important that you keep receipts and attach them to the case or send it to support@flygkompensation.se soon. All airlines require you to certify with receipts on their expenses.

If you do not have an ongoing case, we can not help you with the claim for extra expenses.

3.2 By a customer having drawn up a case, you as a customer assure that you have left enter correct information. Should we discover that you as a customer have submitted knowingly or by gross negligence incorrect information, we may charge you with an invoice of 400 SEK including VAT for the work performed.

3.3 Flight compensation represents you as a customer when we claim compensation from The airline with the help of the power of attorney. We handle all communication with the airline as a whole ongoing case and we always keep you updated on the case via email. Do you get in touch with the airline regarding compensation for flights or extra expenses while we have an ongoing case you commit a breach of contract. This can damage both our cooperation and your case. You may also be charged a service fee of SEK 400 including VAT on a breach of contract happens.

3.4 When you have created a case via our website, you also sign a power of attorney that gives us the right to present your case to the respective airline. Then the handling of your case begins by investigating your information that you have entered and formulating the claim with the airline.

3.5 If you wish to revoke your power of attorney, the following applies:

- You must email support@flygkompensation.se that you wish to revoke the power of attorney within the withdrawal period of 14 days. If we have not started a case with the airline, it can be revoked the power of attorney is made free of charge.

- If you wish to revoke the power of attorney within 14 days and we have already sent another claim the airline on your behalf, you pay only 400 SEK including VAT for what is done the work. We then notify the airline that we are revoking the claim and your power of attorney.

- If the claim has already been approved by the airline and the money has been transferred to you or to us, so be it you are obliged to pay the fee corresponding to 24% plus VAT on the compensation.

Revocation of the power of attorney can only take place in writing.

You can not revoke a power of attorney on behalf of others, unless you are a good man or guardian in the case.

3.6 When we win the case, we usually get the money transferred to our bank account. Once we have received the money, we will contact you as a customer in the case and request one bank account which we then transfer your share to. You will also receive a separate email where you will receive exact information about your share and the fee we have taken.

In rare cases, the money is paid directly to you by the airline. Then you have an obligation to inform us as soon as the compensation has arrived in your account. Then we will send you one invoice via email regarding our fee. You usually have 15 days to pay in if not something else is agreed, which must be stated on the invoice.

3.7 If a dispute regarding the agreement arises between Flygkompensation and you as customer, the dispute may be resolved either between the parties or in a Swedish court.

If a dispute regarding the agreement arises between Flygkompensation and you as customer, the dispute may be resolved either between the parties or in a Swedish court.