About Flygkompensation

If you are late you can miss your important work interview, say good night to your kids or not be there at your best friends wedding. No matter what, a delayed flight sucks. Trust us. We have been there too. In fact, this company was started due to a delayed flight.

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We are fighting for your compensation

Our knowledge and experience of flight rules combined with our stubborn desire for airlines to compensate their passengers makes us entitled to treat your claim. In addition, compared to many of our competitors, we have no hidden fees and our commission is always the same. 24% regardless of whether the case is brought to court. In addition, we take the lowest service fee in Sweden. From the beginning, our philosophy has always been "no profit - no fee" which means that we charge you only if we can get your compensation.

We can advise on your eligibility for financial compensation, which can be up to £600 - per person.If you have a valid claim, we will file your application on your behalf - and collect all the evidence as via our major historical data.

Flygkompensation takes care of all difficult paperwork and time-consuming communication with the airlines. Compensating is never easy, but we have the knowledge and expertise to make it easy. We are sure that we will fight for you every step of the way.